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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. >> carolyn: this morning, firefighters are mopping up after a house fire in the richmond district. it begin at 2:30 this morning. when they first arrived at 42nd avenue and balboa street, firefighters reported seeing flames shooting out of a second-story window. that fire burned for two and a half hours. investigators are now trying to determine the cause. this morning, 49ers fans are waking up celebrating that the team is one win away from going
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back to the superbowl for the first time in 17 years. 49ers advanced to next sunday's n.f.c. championship game defeating the new orleans saints in a thriller yesterday. here is synopsis. after a lead, niners trailed 32-29 about a minute 37 left in the game. with nine seconds left. alex smith hits vernon davis for a 14-yard touchdown to give 49ers one of most dramatic wins in the franchise history. >> right now, it feels like the best. it really does. like i said before, i can't recall a win like this in spectacular fashion. and a great team win. live or die.
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we live. we move on and we move on in spectacular fashion. today the 49ers will find out who they will play one week from today. if the packers beat new york the niners will be in green bay, if the giants they will host the giants at candlestick park. niners' fans have waited a long time for a postseason victory. lilian kim was at candlestick pick when they poured out stadium after the game. >> alicia white left candlestick in tears. >> they won! i thought we were losing. >> still, this ticket holder of 49 years is very happy. >> after nine years of not making the playoffs, this is right up with the catch. >> fans felt pretty confident
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most of the game until the final minute when the saints took the lead for the first time. >> i thought the game was going overtime but i was happily surprised, greatest game in a long time. >> christian is taking. she left fourth quarter. >> i leave. and they win. they come back and win every time. >> you are the reason they won? >> i'm the reason. >> there were a handful of fans that got carried away in the excitement. they arrested a few people for fighting. police say overall they made 19 misdemeanor arrests, slightly higher than the 12 arrests they make at a niner game. >> the game was sold out. some of the earlier games were hot. there is a lot of excitement about the playoffs.
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>> they will savor this win until next week's games. >> many fans are trying to take this one game at a time but they can't help thinking about the niners in the superbowl. in san francisco, lilian kim, "abc 7 news." >> anti-police march in oakland by occupy protestors remained peaceful with two arrests, compared with six last weekend. police warned business owners, demonstrators might try to damage property. in fact the facebook promotion encouraged those tactics. but the march through downtown lasted several hours with no reports of damage or injuries. the arrests came when demonstrators tried to push a dumpster in the street from
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trying to block police from following the march. >> business owners and operators in the section known as old oakland along washington street is dreaded another night of advanced lifl. the group has affected new businesses in the area. >> it qils us. who wants to come down when there are fires in the street. people eventually standing in front of a wall of 80 cops. it's not the police fault. >> voice belongs to a business owner that fears reprisals if he is identified. >> he had to take emergency measures during this march last saturday. >> i said my customers, notified them, i closed the doors and get everybody away from windows to make sure everyone is safe. >> they believe customers will experience this while dining
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will avoid the city in the future. >> i people watch, those people are not going to come back down to this neighborhood for years. because they don't know what is going on. >> what is going on, the group has set saturday nights is to confront the police whatever they deem necessary to get their point across. they wrote news on downtown sidewalks that disturbed residents. >> they, retaliate with their jobs. these are the same jobs that keep us safe. >> nobody will be happy or safe soon. these kinds of things, they really disrupt life for everybody. last night's protest followed an early one in san francisco while demonstrators occupied the roof of a bank. they arrested five protestors in
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the mission district. they were calling for an end to home foreclosures. one man is dead and another is in serious condition this morning after a traffic collision that closed northbound highway 85 in los gatos. sky7hd was over the scene near winchester boulevard yesterday afternoon. it happened just before 4:00, forcing the chp to shut down all northbound lanes for two and a half hours. traffic had to be diverted at the freeway at winchester. >> a 9-year-old boy and a woman in south sacramento are recovering from a pit bull attack. police say the boy walked into a backyard and sheriff's deputies say he was bitten in the arm and head. the woman was also bit en when she tried to pull the dog off the boy. >> i don't know what to tell people. pit bulls are dangerous dogs. they are not to be played with.
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i don't play with them. keep your dog secure and registered. >> animal rights groups it stems from the way owners treated their docks. deputies destroyed the pit bull after it tried to jump a fence. no charges have been filed. the boy has been hospitalized is what is described as a severe injury to his arm. >> after two years searching for an elephant seal, rescuers found him and removed the packing strap from his neck. you can see how that strap was cutting into his skin. 700 pound elephant seal was spotted with that strop around the neck but he kept dodging his rescuers and he kept growing. rescuers sedated a few days ago. they cut off the strap and cleaned the wound and returned the elephant seal to the ocean. >> just ahead first survivor is
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rescued from the capsized cruise ship off the italian coast as the search continues for more missing. anaheim police say they are extremely confident they have the man responsible for the murders of four homeless men in orange county.
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there is a desperate search to try to locate dozen people still missing from the capsized
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cruise ship off the coast of italy. they confirmed two more bodies found bringing the number to dead five. three people have now been rescued alive. captain faces serious charges for this disaster that happened friday night. >> reporter: this morning an italian crew member was pulled out alive after they found him inside the ship. there is still hope. this couple was trapped in the cabin for 24 hours after the ship went down. the investigation into what happened is in full swing. captain of the ship is facing possible charges of manslaughter and abandoning his ship. we are learning more details what appears to be complete chaos on board. >> i was terrified. >> the nightmare begin at approximately 9:15 on friday
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night as passengers were having dinner. they believe the ship was dangerously close to the shore and hit a rock. the captain says it was unmarked. it immediately ripped open a 160-foot gash on the side of the hull. within minutes, water begin pouring in. >> by 9:30 an announcement from the crew that was merely an electrical problem. but with the ship tilting, many passengers scrambled to the denying. recruit did not want to lower the lifeboats, many forced their way on. by 11:00 the ship was tilting too much to the side and many lifeboats couldn't be lowered. many jumped in the water and 50 people had to be airlifted by helicopter. >> they had no what to do.
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divers have recovered the cruise liners black box and should provide clues into what happened that fateful night. a man arrested for one transient's murder in anaheim is likely to be charged with three more murders this week. the police chief says his detectives have enough evidence against a 23-year-old man to be charged as a serial killer. four homeless man ever been stabbed to death since december 20th. he was arrested friday night after witnesses chased him following a fourth murder. police are not zuflg what evidence they have against him. bart and caltrain will be running so-called freedom trains celebrating the martin luther king holiday. a specially chartered train will leave at 9:30 tomorrow morning. it will make stops in sunnyvale,
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palo alto and san mateo on its way up the peninsula to san francisco. don't try to buy your tickets from caltrain. freedom train tickets are sold by martin luther king association of santa clara valley. bart will offer 35,000 passes to distribute. riders from -- 5,000 passes to distribute. they will take a short walk for large celebration and today is actual day of dr. king's birthday. he would have been 83. the weather tomorrow for all those activities. >> seizureable and the chilly weather is -- seasonable. and we have a strong onshore push and high and mid-level clouds. 50 in oakland and 30 in peninsula. east bay valleys and rain
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several days of rain to talk about that. is next. >> thank you. also next, history making performance, vernon davis, alex smith put their names on the all time list of great plays. also niners beat the saints and headed to the n.f.c. title game. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in this morning's sports. beth!
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multigrain cheerios. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> terry: lisa argen is here and when is the last time we had measurable precipitation. >> we had some in december but a little more fell on thanksgiving and so, yes, we're overdie. we could make a dent into next weekend. right now we are looking at camera, sutro camera, most of cloud cover is in the north bay and roof camera, we can see some of the sun's rays down on parts of our bay. but overall we have at cloudy skies, north of golden gate and sunshine in the south bay. peninsula, 34 redwood city.
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38 in santa rosa. elsewhere not so bad, 51 at our coast. everyone will notice a big change today. this afternoon and high temperatures but right now, oakland and concord at especially around the delta, much warmer due to wind out there. also the cloud cover is that has kept us more insulated, not in napa and los gatos this morning. we are looking at live doppler 7-hd. humboldt county a little bit of snow. the front continuing to stag southward from the north and west and bring cooler air mass. setting the trend for a cool week ahead and wet week as we start wednesday with rain in the north bay. it's going to pick up in the bay area, thursday and friday. yesterday half moon bay,. degrees. northwesterly wind will be in
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the 50s. so not only cool at our coast. expected highs which would bring us ten degrees down in napa. mid-50s in santa rosa. notice everywhere, anywhere from 6-11 degrees of cooling today. hopefully you can get used to that. that is the way it's going to be through much of the middle of the week. we've got cloudiness to the south. the cumulus clouds, colder air bottled up in canada and eventually it slides to the south. with those winds later on today we are looking at high fire danger. and atmosphere very dry. high fire danger for today in the sierra nevada. winds will be blowing over 55 miles an hour through 7:00. relative humidity 6-12%. yesterday it was 68 in fresno. today numbers coming down. upper 60s in palm springs,
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mid-50s, you will feel the cooling trend. partly cloudy, san rafael, 55. 57 in morgan hill. accu-weather sunday day forecast round out the holiday weekend on a dry note. nice for the holiday tomorrow in terms of not getting wet if you will be out celebrating, temperatures cool and rain comes in north bay, overnight into thursday. should be raining everywhere and then flee inches or more in the north bay by the end of the weekend. i don't know what to say. >> that could mean, at least an inch i think south of golden gate, maybe more. models are coming into agreement. it could be more than that. >> we definitely need it. i know you were watching this game yesterday like everybody else. today, the niners are going to find out who they will be playing next sunday in the n.f.c. championship game.
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they play the winner of between the giants and green bay packers. yesterday they defeated the new orleans saints in one of the most dramatic ends in team history. here is shu. 49ers and saints played one of the best games in postseason history and fourth quarter was the best. let's get to it. picture perfect day for the niners playoff game. trying to stop drew brees. opening possession, until dunta hearls him on the two yard line. alex smith over to the middle to davis. 49-yard touchdown catch. 7-0 niners. >> new orleans sends it over second time, brees going deep, picked off by deshon.
9:25 am
niners inside the four. smith to michael crabtree on the slant, four-yard touchdown. up 17-0. perfect pass here to marcus, 4 tfd passes, 17-14 at the half. we go to the fourth quarter. frank gore, one man to beat, he is dragged down. but that sets up david akers. third field goal of the game. just over four minutes to go. saints, brees, little man comes up big. 44 yards to the house. saints on top, 24-23. >> smith responds. to vernon davis. third and eight, stays inbounds 28 yards for touchdown.
9:26 am
29-24 49ers. >> brees, patrick willis and reggie collides. two point con version is good. game over? not even close. to davis, with a record, 180 wards, niners can tie it with a field goal. harbaugh goes for the win. the catch all over again. niners win in 36-32. in tears on the field. here is after an emotional win. >> it was a lot of fire. >> it was wasn't for alex, he is the man. >> it's a fine line. vernon made it right.
9:27 am
>> nobody expected to us win or the game to be close. we came out strong. >> it showed again tonight what our team has been about all year long. we found a way. we did it. >> niners will play the giants or packers in the title game. >> tebow upset the steelers last week but tom brady showed him who is the boss. brady much better. look at this catch, ten catches three scores. 14-0 patriots. brady 61 yards. and throws five td passes, tiling a post season record. 45-10. they will host the a.f.c. title game next weekend. >> michael jordan hosting the
9:28 am
warriors. munta ellis, and 8-2 warriors hurry. how about this shot by kendall walker. he had 23. they win it 112-100. >> to the ice, sharks in columbus, tied in the third, pavelski and patric marleau gets it, 2-1 the final. we'll find out who will play in the title game. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> up next, 9:30, website going black this week what many believe is widespread internet plagiarism. >> i'm nannette miranda, more agencies are using new technology to look for stolen vehicles but
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it's your social network. all mixed together. with galaxy nexus by samsung, now you can organize your contacts into circles, like you do in real life. so you can choose what people see and what they don't. and with the speed of verizon 4g lte, you can chat as a group in a googleplus hangout without missing a beat. introducing the first phone built for android 4.0. only at verizon.
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welcome back. half a billion license plates are in one company's database and yours might be one of them. it's at the center of debate of stopping crime and protecting privacy. now, the focus of a california watch investigation. >> more and more law enforcement agencies are making high-tech cameras atop their vehicles scanning license plates for stolen cars. near the state capitol a stolen car means someone is up to no good in 80% of the cases. >> we tracked him into one of steers here. when he was arrested, inside he several pairs of shoes that he
9:32 am
shoplifted. >> they have had similar success out on the streets. but an investigation raises questions over how the information gathered by this 21st century tool is being used a livermore company has compiled a database containing half a billion license plate scans across the country. >> california public interest group says the database raises red flags because it shows where people have been and when, even the innocent ones. >> whenever individual's information is stored or compiled in one place, folks should be concerned if they don't know about it. >> it raises questions about police access to the database. they are not suppose today information from license scanning to solve other crimes but it's the perfect loophole to gain access. the company declined and
9:33 am
interview they told california watch we shouldn't hinder officers from doing jobs. they hope the privacy issue doesn't take away an effective tool. >> there are millions and millions of very vehicles stolen. so it affects a lot of us. >> chp share license scans only with law enforcement. meanwhile, they have similar concerns with fast track because company had information where customers had been once tolls were paid. get ready for shorter hours at some bay area post offices. the u.s. postal service cutbacks is about to begin, they have announced new hours at 61 post offices in six counties. they will take effect february 20th with most branches opening 30 minutes to an hour later. it's part of cost cutting
9:34 am
measures that will include closing 3700 post offices across the u.s. >> a popular website will stage a blackout to protest a bill that some say strikes at the core of free speech. jonathan bloom has more on the stop online privacy act. >> if this law was passed, it would look like in iran or bellarus. >> so says the general manager, an online community that is taking a stand on the stop online piracy act. the bill to try to protect copyrighted material. they will go dark for 12 hours. >> they can spend that 12 hours browsing and surfing the sites, taking action, calling their congress. e-mailing friends. >> martin says sopa could force
9:35 am
redik to shut down and allow courts to take down a website that links to pirated material. it's posted by users, some 80,000 online at a time and they say it's impossible to police. >> it would be eventually to run. >> it appears no one has read the bill. he says sopa targets foreign websites that are dedicated to infringing activity. it gives no authority to shut down u.s. websites but lawyers disagree. >> the bill is very badly worded. there are definitions that are very broad that will clearly encompass u.s. companies and u.s. sites. >> it's designed to protect music artists but m.c. hammer came out against it. it poses serious risks to job innovation. >> it was negotiated behind
9:36 am
closed doors. >> bill's biggest backers are the motion pictures and recording industry. jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." >> two american soldiers are being treated at palo alto medical v.a. center. an army private accepted the medal for being wounded in combat. he lost his left arm and leg after stepping on an ide in afghanistan. another specialist was awarded the purple heart. he is the first soldier to be wounded to in enduring freedom. he was hit in the back of the head during a mortgage are a attack. doctor mortar attack. -- during a mortar attack.
9:37 am
patriot guard riders gave silence to honor the soldiers as they were awarded purple heart medals for their bravery. >> lisa argen is here to talk about something that has been missing from the forecast. >> cautiously optimistic because the atmosphere has been so dry. >> wishful thinking, talking about the rain that will come our way toward the end of the week. it looks great out there. >> will it rain today? i'll let you know trust. >> trust your computer models. >> and helping to battle one of
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some award winning skaters got their skates on last night for the first walnut creek skating gala. dan ashley sliced the ice. with paula she used to be a production assistant. it's a celebration of the newly remodeled ice rink. it was the coolest fund-raiser in town and i know dan had to bring down the house. >> very impressive. >> yeah. >> he told me it's a fake rink, you wouldn't get the realize like in embarcadero to skate on. >> little known fact. >> they build it up with non-water like material. >> carolyn: we are going to get
9:41 am
real water like material soon. >> right. sunny skies at heavenly w where the temperatures are in the upper 30s from blue canyon to the tahoe valley airport. truckee at 39. a beautiful day there. temperatures will be cooler and back home, you are looking at gray sky. vollmer peak, experiencing a little bit of wind. with the cloud cover that has arrived for milder temperatures and some spots around the bay. oakland at 50. san francisco dropped a degree at 49. delta, usually in the 20s and 30s. 47 right now. napa has warmed up to they. in your opinion the 30s. we fog in santa rosa, quarter mile visibility. more sunshine south of golden gate. we are picking up a few sprinkles and snow mixed in well to the north of us. this is the leaked edge of a cold front.
9:42 am
it sleikd south. gusty northwesterly winds throughout the evening hours. then it paves the way for a series of wet weather systems to bring us rain starting in the north bay on wednesday. overnight everywhere wednesday night into thursday. with the cloud cover, high clouds, the onshore flow, looking at temperatures to come down from 10-15 degrees cooler. yesterday at half moon bay was 68 degrees. today forecasting a high of 54. elsewhere around the bay, highs will be in the mid-50s, maybe a few upper 50s but even so the numbers anywhere from 11 degrees cooler than yesterday in redwood city, 10 degrees cooler in clearlake. we're talking in the north bay, on average, 10-15 degrees cooler. so pacific satellite showing two systems sandwiched between both of them. this one sending up a few high clouds, this system that brings the cooler air. you can see it's bottled up well to the north of us.
9:43 am
it will be sliding to the south of us. hanging out for the next several days. it's going to take a few days for temperatures to modify and next system will be a rainmaker come mid-week. here is the setup for today. high pressure slides to the east allowing for this upper level trough. few showers in the northern sierra, otherwise a cold and dry while the winds pick up. relative humidity drops in the mountains. we're talking about a cooler day today statewide, still dry, 64 in los angeles, 59 in big sur. and temperatures back home, you saw how much cooler they are going to be. 56 in palo alto with northwesterly winds and tonight those winds will keep our temperatures up for the time being but protected valleys will be chilly. a cold start for the had holiday. dry on tuesday. here comes the rain on wednesday. staying with us thursday, friday saturday, maybe several inches not north bay. >> carolyn: going to make messy
9:44 am
xhuitsd there. beware. thank you, lisa. >> human trafficking is the second growing crime in the world. alameda district attorney says most of the cases she is prosecuting involve children between the ages of 12 and 17. this morning, on "beyond the headlines," cheryl jennings here's from a victim that survived. it's on right after our newscast at 10:00 here on abc7. next month, hundreds of bay area riders will hop on stationary bikes to raise money for cancer research. the cancers were categorized as rare but you put them together they impact tens of thousands of people including children. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. courtney is warming up for a ride that is weeks away but motivation isn't a problem.
9:45 am
>> i was diagnosed with a rare cancer when i was 25. >> the event she is training for is cycle for survival. it was started by her college roommate jennifer who developed a rare form of cancer. while courtney survived her disease, jennifer did not. >> jennifer passed away in july of 2011. so this will be the first year we docile without her. >> five years ago, women formed the indoor fund-raising by this in major cities across the country. health club in san francisco is hosting the bay area event. >> and we will have 100 cycles so i think this club will become like a big cycle studio. >> reporter: betty leads the four-hour ride. >> climbing hills and sprints, standing on the bike. it's really fun.
9:46 am
>> reporter: so far the event has raised more than $9 million for clinical trials in what is known as rare cancers. a researcher says funding for those cancers a fraction what is spent on better known diseases. >> the efforts that are being deployed on breast cancer dwarf everything else. >> reporter: they are recruiting teams of riders. she joins courtney because of family history. >> the rare cancers because many of ones we know, it hits people that we know in our family. >> tracy and courtney are hoping this event continues to grow. >> there are no limits. it can be something that happens in every major city.
9:47 am
so that ride takes place friday, february 4th. there is a link on our website. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> you've got that nifty newest reader, now what? i'll show you how to download free books.
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if you are among the millions that own an e-reader or
9:50 am
smart phone you have the ability to load thousands of books on your new toy. "7 on your side" michael finney shows you how. >> it's pretty awesome. >> david has been an avid reader but more so i now, that he bought this new electronic reader. >> i have been reading every day. >> he says buying e-books costs $5-30 on average but his kindle is loading free for this w his library card. >> public libraries now offer thousands of e-books to borrow for free. he down lloyds on his laptop and in second the book appears on his kindle. it will stay there for three weeks and automatically expire no worry about paying fines for
9:51 am
overdue books. >> it opens the door for a lot more possibilities for different kinds of books you normally wouldn't have. >> they love to have access to free e-books. >> trent garcia is the librarian at the san francisco public library. offers 14,000 titles and workshops on you how to plug in. >> it's not the easiest system to use. it takes time and effort. >> how to, depends on what kind of reader you have a kindle requires setting up accounts with the library and plus you need a wi-fi connection. borrowed e-books go from the library to amazon and onto your kindle. with a nook you have to get a free app for reading. the borrowed books but with the nook you need to plug it into a laptop and drag the book over. >> it can be complicated. that is why we're here to help
9:52 am
out. >> libraries aren't the only place with free e-books. david finds them on the website like the guttenberg project. you don't need a card and they are yours to keep. you won't find best sellers. these sites offer classics with expired copyrights so they are in the public domain. war of the worlds and pride and prejudice. within seconds he has wizard of oss on his kindle. >> and they buy certain number of books so there are limits how many you can download at a time. you may find yourself waiting for popular books. i posted a link check more information. beth!
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>> carolyn: a new play is opening up the peper to theater called ghost riders about mayor george moscone and it is directed by his son. he talked about it with don sanchez. >> mayor moscone and harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> those chilling words we still remember. jonathan moscone was some years old. he is now talking about it. >> to investigate a moment in history that changed my life. >> moscone the artistic director is directing ghost life. >> he was so dramatically compelling and so personally
9:56 am
moving to me that he was wanting to share a story with me. >> reporter: a line from the play but that is not why he wanted to tell his story. >> the play is about how memory shapes us and how the loss of somebody can create a mythology. >> john as a child dreaming of his father's funeral. he says it happened in real life. the production of hamlet something that moscone has not done. his relationship with the ghost, his father. >> he wanted to investigate just what had happened to him and the nature of his experience. >> he says words on paper were terrifying. >> the actual journey of finally
9:57 am
leaving those words took a while to sit inside of me and find myself in the play. >> easier now but still feels vulnerable. >> at the end of the day he was my father and he is gone. he is gone. he lives only through me and my family. >> ghost like will run through february 19th. 23-year-old from kenosha, wisconsin is new miss america. laura kaeppler won. she hoeldz won a $50,000. miss oklahoma came in second and miss california was fourth runner-up. >> you were a beauty queen, weren't you? >> nope, sorry. [ laughter ] >> carolyn: could have been, right, sure.
9:58 am
>> lisa: and it's going to be a cool one with northwesterly winds blowing today. we are looking at rain. and wednesday in the north bay and thursday, friday and on into the weekend. there is a look at it. >> i am your friend. you are beautiful. i'm carolyn tyler. still my friend lisa argen. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. keep track at latest breaking news on twitter. talk about it at have a great sunday.
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